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International Conference Resource Handbook

Resource Handbook of the 3rd International Conference on Minority Issues and Mission (2015)

This conference, which took place in Tokyo in November of 2015, was the event that gave impetus to the birth of CMIM. The conference was attended by a total 133 people representing many churches and Christian organizations in Japan as well as the World Council of Churches, World Communion of Reformed Churches and churches in Australia, Canada, Germany, India, S. Africa, S. Korea, Taiwan and the U.S.A. This resource handbook contains many of the conference’s speech and sermon texts, testimonies of minority participants and prayer and other worship materials.

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CMIM News No.1 2017.5.25

This is CMIM’s newsletter, to be issued 4 times a year. It will include messages, reports on signifi...

マイノリティ宣教 センターニュース 第1号 2017年 5月25日

センターが発行するニュースレター。年4回発行されます。メッセージや国際会議などのレポート、センターの活動の報告やイベントのお知らせなどを掲載します。 ...

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Booklets and Leaflets

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