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Struggle Against Racism

Open the Gate for All

 On April 22, this Joint Statement of Churches opposing the proposed revision of Japan’s Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, which would expel refugee applicants, was delivered to the Immigration Services Agency with the endorsement of 50 churches and organisations in Japan, and 8 from abroad. Also delivered were several similar petitions and over 100,000 signatures, urging the government to scrap its proposal and to create a refugee and immigration system that respects the human dignity and rights of foreigners in Japan. Please support this effort with your prayers, and by sharing this document with others.

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Struggle Against Racism List

Youth Programs

The 3rd Minority Youth Forum in Okinawa

 The theme of the 3rd Forum, which will be held in the southern island of Okinawa, is “Learning from a history of violence; Living in the attitude of resistance.” Okinawa has a history of being annexed into Japan by the Ryukyu Disposition and suffering through the horrific Battle of Okinawa near the end of WWII, and it still bears heavy burdens today, like the world’s heaviest concentration of overseas US military bases and environmental pollution caused by these. And yet Okinawa is a land where people engage together in a limber, but strong resistance against such forces. We want this Forum to be a time, a place, where we can transform our own attitudes into something new, break the chains of isolation and division that are caused by discrimination, and forge new connections with each other and the world. Let us spend time together, learning, thinking, discussing and expressing.

Application form

Schedule of Day 1, September 3rd
13:30 Pickup at Naha Airport
15:30 Pickup at Shuri Station
16:30 Opening Service starts
17:15 Dinner
18:15 Keynote Lecture
19:45 Orientation

All program will finish by 12:30 on September 6th.

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Developing a Spirituality of Reconciliation and Peace

Joint Festival

 Prayer, Dance, Theater, Gospel music, Worship… Bringing together a variety of elements, we will coordinate a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural festival to celebrate the beauty of every person and community.

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Developing a Spirituality of Reconciliation and Peace List